Depression Treatment with Psilocybin or Magic Mushroom

Psilocybin mushrooms are also known as magic mushrooms. It is named due to presence of psilocin, baeocystin and psilocybin. Some also call is shrooms. Hundreds of classes of mushrooms are found and used for medicine, recreation and medical research. The hallucinogen element present in these magic shrooms is capable of resetting brain disorders of mentally ill people. It was confirmed in experiment over nineteen serious depression patients. A single doze gave result and set their struggling brain in order. Results of  Psilocybin compounds are noted for around five weeks.

Magic Mushrooms

Imperial College London researchers team confirmed in their report that findings on these mushrooms for brain diseases is under testing phase. So there are no confirmed findings on precise level. College team suggested that depressed persons should not use these shrooms on their own. It can has positive effects or maybe negative. So there is no confirmation yet. But the hope is very positive. If research continues in positive direction then it can lead to cure of depression. A good hope for depressed patients.

Psilocybin impact on brain is observed in research. Half of nineteen patients feel recovery. It is observed that using psilocybin puts mind in stable stage. Distortion is reduced in stable network mode of brain. Certain doze of psilocybin reduced speed and level of brain element amygdala. This brain element amygdala is mainly responsible for anxiety. Shroom chemical compound effected mind in positive way just like lubricating an irritating part of your body.

Imperial College London team head Dr. Robin Carhart said that use of magic mushroom is like resetting brain. Comments of patients were very impressive. One depressed patient said that it is like brain lubrication and ease from irritation. Another one said that felt like reborn and restarted. This research is preliminary. Dr. Robin Carhart said that more deeper analysis is required to finally accept psilocybin mushrooms for treating amygdala and other such brain elements. The assistant professor of Imperial College London David Nutt showed hope for another larger scale experiment to draw conclusive results. Imperial College London team is expected to open new doors for medical treatment of depression and anxiety.

US Department of Health and Human Services conducted a survey over 480,000 US citizens over age of thirteen for magic mushrooms or drugs influence over their mind. This survey is conducted in TUSCALOOSA under care of US Department of Health and Human Services. It was surprising that those who are using drugs like opioid or magic mushrooms in their common life are less prone to criminal activities. Their percentage is around 27. On the other hand persons who are sober and less prone to addictive behaviors are 22% less interested towards such activities like theft etc. Peter Hendricks asked for more detailed studies on this topic so that results can be refined for medical use. Zach Walsh is working as professor in University of British Columbia. He says that psychedelic drugs are recommended for mental disorder treatments long ago. It is being restrained due to ethical issues of society and law restrictions.

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