Cocaine and its Types

When we talk about cocaine one thing in our mind came first that this drug is highly consumed in the world. Especially in US its consumer rate is at peak. It is consider as 2nd most illicit drug in US New York. Now I would like to mention its origin .it is made from plant the plant is referred as coca plant that is highly powerful addictive leaves from which it is extracted. The cocaine color is exactly look like salt it is whitish in color .cocaine can be used through smoked, drank in water snoring sniffing.

 Cocaine Types:

Cocaine and its TypesCrack cocaine crack cocaine is formed from base form crack cocaine is mixed with baking soda and then cooked then it is smoked out of the pipe. This is more addictive form of cocaine that cause major effects on liver, lungs and prevent oxygen and blood from circulation. Crack cocaine is inhalation of vapors from heated foil or pipe. It is smoked.

Cocaine HCL powder it is prepared by dissolving the alkaloids in hydrochloride and forming in water soluble salt.

Cocaine and its TypesIn this world coca is the most dangerous powerful stimulants that is highly consumed in USA.In USA 2006, national survey on drug abuse and health reports stated that teenagers and adults are being abused by Cocaine approximately 35.3 millions of people is involve in taking this drug.Also used crack cocaine.

It has dangerous effects like

  • Euphoria
  • Talktiveness
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Raising of blood pressure
  • Constricted blood vessels
  • Decrese in apetite
  • Pupils becomes dilated
  • Person becomes malnourished
  • Its effects lasts for 15 minutes.

Sigmunf freud australian psychoanalytic used this drug to cure himself for ancient times the ANDES chewrd coca leavesto get their heart raising and to speed their breathing to living in mountain air.

Cocaine and its TypesDue to its high consumption in USA, NEW YORK.they have established cocaine treatments center for rehabilitation and also they serve different therpeutic interventions and other beahvioral therapies for maintain the person’s health, detoxification procedures are also held.Despite of these treatments , USA also organize health care program for awareness of these drugs for teenagers in colleges universities or at public places.They organize seminars.These efforts are done because of the harmful effects here after in drug abuse.their step to clean society from these habits and purify the person from bad health into normal life.

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