Black pepper; proving to be helpful in weight loss

Black pepper is a tremendously beneficial health ingredient. Besides various health benefits it is quite good at weight loss. According to research by Shilpa Arora ND, a Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner, Black Pepper has an ability to improve the metabolism and reduces the accumulation of fat in the body. Daily use of Black Pepper in our diet helps to get rid of obesity. Despite weight loss Black Pepper helps to absorb the nutrients and also give a boost to immune system.

How black pepper reduces weight?

Black pepper seems to be the dark horse of weight loss. There are some shocking facts about its effects. It has tremendous health benefits and weight loss is also one of them.Dietary fiber, health fats , multivitamins and minerals are black peppers major constituents. A major constituents of black pepper is pepperine which is involved in prevention of fat cell differentiation, therefore increasing its metabolism and reducing weight. Therefore if you want to be a member of the weight loss club you should make black pepper a part of your dietary routine .

Black peppercorn on rustic background
Black peppercorn on rustic background (Credits: iStock GettyImages under standard license)

Health benefits of Black Pepper:

The basic component of Black Pepper i.e. Piperine, also responsible for its pungent taste. Piperine works under the principle of adipogenesis. This is a process in which the formation of new fat cells is interfered by the compound, thus reduces the belly fat by lowering cholesterol levels in body. You should also read symptoms of liver cancer in females.


These nutrients assists in the digestion and assimilation of food items in human body. These phytonutrients are present in the outermost layer of the black peppercorns and helps in breaking down of fat producing cells in the body.

Increasing the level of good cholesterol:

Black pepper helps in raising the levels of good cholesterol in the body and reduces the formation of fat cells. It also helps to reduce fatty acids, phospholipids and cholesterol.

Degradation of Visceral fats:

Visceral gats accumulation in body may leads to various diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and various types of cancers. The accumulation of visceral fats in body is cut down by oxidative and antimicrobial qualities of Black Pepper.

Ways to use black pepper in your diet:

Black pepper can be taken internally or applied externally as a weight loss ingredient .It can be used in a various of ways . A few are discussed below.

Black pepper oil:

Black pepper oil is usually available at every pharmacy. One drop of this oil is used with a glass of water and can be taken before breakfast. This oil can also be applied topically on the skin and its very useful for the skin infections.

Black Pepper Tea:

Black pepper tea is another drink that is quite easy to make and can be used for weight loss. It is made by using green tea bags and added a teaspoon of black pepper into it. Green tea can be used in any flavour depending on your personal taste. This tea is more beneficial if taken before breakfast.

Black Pepper and vegetable drink:

Vegetable and fruit juices are part of every health diet. You can spice up your fruit juice by adding a pinch or two of small pepper making it spicy and more delicious. Along with taste this drink will help you in your weight loss. Its also very good for improving skin and alleviating gut problems.

Happy Woman smiling on weighing scales at home, asian
Happy Woman smiling on weighing scales at home, asian (Credits: iStock GettyImages under standard license)

Taking it directly:

You can also take the peppercorns directly every morning. If you are able to tolerate the pungent taste of the black pepper than its the easiest way to take it without consuming a long time required for preparation of various drinks. Read details about hepatocellular carcinoma symptoms.

What dose of Black Pepper is required for weight loss?

One to two teaspoons of black pepper can be used for a weight loss therapy. It is quite obvious that every one is not familiar and even used to the specific taste of black pepper. So if you are a new one  and are not used to black pepper in your daily meals then you can start with a lesser quantity and then gradually increase the dose. Start taking too much black pepper at once can cause Gastrointestinal disturbances like irritation. It may even cause respiratory problems or burning sensations in the eyes.

What is the ideal time to consume Black Pepper?

Well, it is a plus one factor if you take black pepper in the morning. If you want to take a pinch fill of black pepper then try to have after a detox drink and before taking a breakfast. Black pepper can also be taken with a glass of juice in the afternoon. But to take black pepper on an empty stomach is more beneficial. See well searched list of best liver cancer hospital in the world.

Are there any side effects of Black pepper?

There are a few side effects of black pepper. So if you are consuming it in a wrong way or are in taking too much of it, it may lead to problems. Too much consumption of Black Pepper while having pregnancy may cause miscarriage. Be conscious while applying Black Pepper directly to your skin. It sometimes causes irritation.


While you are having Black Pepper therapy, make sure to have one cup of water every time you take it. As It is stated above that Black pepper causes the disturbance of stomach, so try to add fat free sugar in your every day diet. It will help to soothe the intestinal lining damaged by Pepper. If you feel some king of burning sensation in your stomach then stop taking Black Pepper. Consult your doctor if the situation continues for a long duration.

Conclusively I believe that  black pepper is a blessing in your kitchen. Some times benefits come from such small things that you have never thought about. Such is the case with Black Pepper. A small food item having a power house of health benefits in it. So start making Black Pepper a part of your regular meals and get rid of obesity. In my personal opinion benefits certainly outweighs the mere side effects. See list of top heart transplant centers in world.