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Depression is overwhelming feeling of sadness, loneliness, emptiness. In case of Treatments, those are highly knocked around in field of medical practitioner and psychologists. Recommended best treatment comes with Psychotherapies and medications. Severe form of depression requires medications due to chemical imbalances. It is said that severe depression caused due to low level of neurotransmitters in the brain (Serotonin and Nor epinephrine). If depression is causing due to the chemical imbalances then it is assumed that depression will be treated with medications to fix all with the biological solutions.

Antidepressant Medication highly prescribes with severe depression, severe depression relates with the neurotoxin process and neurodegenerative diseases like Lashers than a simple mood disorder. Stress induces synaptic remolding, cognitive impairment, and sleep wake cycle, deregulation are prominent features. Severe depression is a life threatening disease also comes with suicidal threats a genetically problem. But it can also be stated as depression can be treated with different antidepressants and psychotherapies. So let’s talk about antidepressant that is most effective treatment of depression.

Depression Treatment


There are different antidepressant with their different effects and side effects that are being prescribed according to the severity level of disorder. Fortunately all classes of antidepressants are effective, while 60-70% of patients are recovered in six weeks by taking antidepressants with sufficient doses.


Effectives in treatment these antidepressants are come with les side effects, tolerable and convenient to use. Every antidepressants has their side effects included mild and moderate headache, sedations, sleep cycle problem, sexual dysfunctionality, mood irritability, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, decrease body sensation lasts for few days.

How can these antidepressants are used?
These drugs can be taken once in a day in depressive symptoms. Usually Luvox is taken twice in a day.

Ketamine (intravenous or intranasal)

This is rapid acting antidepressant. It blocks glutamate receptors in the brain called NMDA receptor result in neurotrophic effect that helps in restring mood. Many patients complained about multiple visits in hospital for intravenous treatment. It is revolutionized in ketamine spray that is more convenient and control in over dose.

Kitmaine also used in anesthesia in high doses.Dr Husseini Manji, Director of the mood and anxiety disorder program at the national institutes of mental health in BETHESDA. In his publications he stated that patients that have been taken six antidepressants have experienced mood boost in the very early two hours after taking first dose of ketamine 30% patients enjoyed half of the recovery in at least one week.

Side effects: it comes with dissociate symptoms. In his study the new medicine also introduced with minimum side effects that is RILUZOLE appealing. Study also considers NERVE GROWTH FACTOR (VGF) small proteins that develops verve cells .another root of potential drug in developmental target. Injection VGF also creates similar effects as antidepressant offered.

California Rocket Fuel:

Steven stahl introduced the best treatment of depression in decades is REMERON (MIRTAZAPINE) + EFFEXOR (VENLAFAXINE). Remeron is hypnotic effects release disinhibits serotonin and noradrenalin. It has some weak anticholinergic activity that elicits antidepressant effects, while effexor is an n SNRI serotonergic and noradregenic activity in the brain.

Bupropion: it comes with fewer side effects ex: anxiety, restlessness, and seizures. It is not prescribed to epileptic seizures patients. Bupropion can be take thrice a day .it can cause seizure in high dose.

TCA (e.g. Elavil, pamelor, Norpramin) One of the oldest drugs has more side effects and requires closer monitoring and safety. It can be fetal in high dose. This is successful as compare to other medications.

Side effects: side effects include following symptoms; constipation, urinary tract, orthostatic hypo-tension, blurred vision, tremors, excitement, heart palpitations, and weight gain. Contraindications: this drug cannot be take glaucoma patients, heart diseases, high blood pressure.

Parnate, Nardil this is older type of antidepressant used to treat atypical depression for excessive sleep, somatic complaints, hypersensitivity. For effective treatment this drug is prescribed.

Side effects: dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, insomnia and lightheadedness. Augmentation with Atypical Antipsychotic use now in times but it is used for Lamotrigin (an anti convulsant) can be highly effective and work fast. Amitryptaline control serotonine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, blocks anticholinergic effects. Amitryptaline can be used as kid of BDNF-mimetic.

Augment with T3/T4 Thyroid Hormones is potent regulator of neurogenesis and neuronal proliferation in the brain. Best treatment of depression in which thyroid hormones have pro cognitive effects by restoring cerebral metabolism in the brain.

Minocycline is a reliable drugs used for against the neurological disorders like irradiation, ischemia, and so forth. Restoration of brain functions and regulates depressed symptoms.

Minocyclineworks in control apoptosis, cell death and other neuropathology.
Tianeptine is unusual tricycle antidepressant use in France best treatment for depression, stress induced synaptic remolding and helps to restore neuro-plasticity.

Glyx-13 is under developed treatment of depression it controls brain functions, stimulates glycine binding, NMDA RECEPTORS AND Saffron vitamin D, B12/mythylfolate, alpha-linolenic acid are among many nutraceuticles that is very effective antidepressant.

Light therapy:

Directly exposure to sun light is the best and effective treatment of depression. A study proves that light box worked just as Fluoxetine (Prozac). It helps with seasonal effective disorder. Light therapy comes with light boxes available in Canada with other complimentary therapies.


Yes this question arise in treatment discussion it can be effective in severe depression state and restore chemical imbalance in the brain, depression cause due to low secretion of serotonin and nor epinephrine it balance its biological nature doctors prescribe antidepressants for fast acting relief. Result show after six weeks.

Depression treatment can also be done through technology. Diagnostic tailored treatment making easier in treating depression. Simple blood tests are conducted by doctor foe assessment of liver functioning and also prescribe sufficient quantity drug to metabolize enzymes.

MRI MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING study have shown in Dartmouth college stated that 2,500 patients are recovered with referenced electroencephalograms that will help in electrical activity in the brain and shows 65% success rate.

Mapping genes associated with depression is also very helpful treatment in case of underlying biological factors. Electro-convulsive therapy is used in treatment of memory loss and depression. We have discussed the medication in treating depression that is pretty effective. But, other complimentary therapies implementation with medication can be promising relieve form depression.


Psychotherapy is basically called talk therapy it is better used in treatment of various disorders like depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, somatoform disorders, schizophrenia and memory disorders. Psychotherapy plays important role in treating depression. Psychotherapies that are very effective are cognitive behavior therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy.

Before implementation of any therapy, psychologist assessment the severity level of disorder. According to the monitoring and evaluation, the person labeled as mental disorder. Different neurological and behavioral test are used. Test used in treatment of depression is beck depression inventory, BDI1, BDI 2.
With the scoring of test the person is considered as the depression disorder on moderate, mild and severe level.

Cognitive behavior therapy

CBT is developed by ARON BECK. Main goal of this therapy is able the person to think rationally, positively about self. CBT is a long term therapy that is based on session it requires 14 session. Psychotherapist makes the person able to organize his/her thinking .it works with ABC pattern. (A is activating events, B is Belief, C is consequences).

So it does work under these pattern in first session psychotherapist listen carefully about the activating events and gradually with other session breaks his/her belief that is disturbing in life. Beliefs are main foundation. If it is positive then the person will be healthy human being if it is disorganizes then it will be maladjustment in person’s life and behavior.

Consequences are structures after the discussion on problem. Psychotherapist provides daily thought record notes to patient to write anything that makes him/her depressed and monitored the events and works on it. During sessions therapist polish their thinking, cognition and counseling with highly defensive skills that makes the person able to come out from this problem successfully.


It is represented by Albert Ellis .This therapy can be implemented on several disorders like anxiety, depression, psychotic disorders, and problem of sex, marital conflicts, couple and family therapy.

It works with ABCD manual in which A stands for adversity, B belief, C CONSEQUENCES AND DISPUTE. The following manual helps patient to restore his/her thinking systematically and organize his/her thinking according to the consequences level. It works with sessions and it deals with very emotional disturbances.


Above describing discussions is effective treatment of depression that is highly implemented in medical field. Numerous therapies are in queue of researches that will be introduced in a short period of time. Successful treatments with severe depression practitioner recommended with antidepressants that leaves fast acting relief in short period of time while initially diagnoses requires psychotherapies that is satisfactory.

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